Community cooperation Martello 3B – our tasks

From the Strawberry Festival to the IBU Cup and much more

3B Martell was founded in 2002 as a regional development cooperative and was converted into a community cooperative in 2024.

Its remit is to expand the local economic and regional development of the Martell Valley. The aim of the cooperative is to initiate and implement projects and events that contribute to increasing the attractiveness and frequency of the valley. Major events organized by 3B include the Strawberry Festival, major biathlon events such as the IBU Cup, IBU Junior Cup and the highlight with the 2025 European Biathlon Championships. 3B is also involved in the organization of the ski mountaineering race Marmotta Trophy, which has been held as a World Cup stage since 2016. In addition, the cooperative has handled and implemented various EU projects in the past. The latter is to be taken up again in the coming years.

The Martell community cooperative is intended to create incentives and a platform for developing and working on new ideas that directly benefit the valley and its citizens.

The 3B in the name of the cooperative stands for mountains (Berge), berries and biathlon, the main themes of the Martell Valley. Furthermore, the cooperative strives to work together with various partners such as the municipality of Martello, the Laces-Martello Tourist Association, the culturamartell visitor center, agriculture and the local gastronomy and hotel industry in order to promote projects for the development of the Martello Valley and its inhabitants.


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