Hiking & biking in the Val Martello

  Get to know the valley on foot or on  e-bike tours


For those who like to go on foot to experience nature at its purest, the Val Martello is definitely the right place. The valley is characterised by its diverse hiking trails, ranging from themed trails and alpine tours for families to high alpine summit tours for experienced mountaineers.

Hiking in the Val Martello means exploring the landscape and getting to know its people. This is how our themed trails combine the experience of nature and knowledge about the land and its people. On the approximately 8-kilometre-long Strawberry Trail, which leads along strawberry fields, you can learn interesting facts about the strawberries of the Val Martello at several information stations. The Mountain Farmer Trail, which runs through the district of Waldberg, also conveys information. Here you can gain insights into the life of the local people of the past and of today.

The Plima Gorge is another hiking highlight in our valley. The various viewpoints, the "trowel", the "panoramic crescent" and the "observation pulpit" as well as the suspension bridge, allow visitors to encounter the gorge each time in a different special way.

The Alpine Pasture Tour, which opened in summer 2020, is also located at the head of the valley. In addition, the glacier nature trail provides interesting information about the high mountains while hiking.

However, those who like to climb high peaks during their holiday in Val Martello find interesting high alpine summit tours throughout the entire valley. Lyfi Peak, Gioveretto Peak or Punta di Lasa are just a few mountain peaks worth mentioning. On the website of the tourist office, you can find more high alpine summit tours in the valley, but also in the entire holiday region Laces-Martello in the Venosta Valley.

exploring the val martello by e-bike

The Val Martello cannot only be explored on foot.  The "Martello E-Bike" project, initiated by the Community cooperative martello 3B in 2016, makes it possible to rent e-bikes and thus discover the Val Martello in a slightly different way.


WHERE you can find us?
Rent station at the visitor centre of the Stelvio National Park culturamartell in Trattla, Val Martello

WHEN are we open?
ONLY on request (info@martell.it or +39 3807486879)

WHAT do we offer?
E-bikes for adults and 2 e-bikes for children. Free equipment (helmet and bike lock as well as child seat) are included

HOW EXPENSIVE are our e-bikes?
from 25€ per day

All information and reservations +380 748 6879


E-Bike Tour to Stallwies

Start is the sports and leisure centre Trattla, from where you follow the road to Ganda. There you turn right in the direction of the village of Martello and then cycle to the inn Premstl. From there you turn right and follow the road in the direction of "Radund", then take the forest path in the direction of "Platzer Mahd". From then on, simply follow the forest road until you finally reach the mountain inn Stallwies.

Highest point 2,022 m | Lowest point 1,553 m | Altitude difference 469 m | Length 10 km

E-Bike Tour to Lyfi Mountain Hut

Start is the sports and leisure centre Trattla, from where you follow the road past the chapel St. Maria in der Schmelz/S. Maria alla Fonderia and the biathlon centre "Grogg". Then you continue along the lakeside of the Lake Gioveretto to the end of the valley and follow the markings to the Lyfi Mountain Hut.

Highest point 2,167 m | Lowest point 1,312 m | Altitude difference 855 m | Length 19 km


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