Our Val Martello in the Venosta Valley

Mountains - Berries - Biathlon in the Stelvio National Park

What does make our Val Martello in the Venosta Valley so special? The answer is quite simple: our breath-taking mountain scenery, our tasty berries and our active biathlon sport.

During hikes and bike tours here in the heart of the Stelvio National Park, you can experience pure nature and get to know the diverse animal and plant species of the valley. You can also get to know our delicious strawberries, which we carefully cultivate in our fields since the 1960s and which are known beyond the borders of the country. Because of this, the Val Martello is also known to many as the Strawberry Valley.

Our biathlon centre "Grogg" also enjoys great popularity. In the summer, biathletes from South Tyrol, but also from various nations, train regularly at the shooting range there and prepare optimally for their races. In the winter, the centre is transformed into a cross-country skiing paradise and a venue for national and international biathlon competitions.

As the Community cooperative martello 3B, we have therefore made it our goal to sustainably develop Val Martello in its characteristics, mountains - berries - biathlon, and thus to create added value for everyone in the valley through events and initiatives.


The Val Martello with its mountains as well as its flora and fauna is located in the heart of the Stelvio National Park. Year-round experiences for young and old are guaranteed...                 


Cultivated areas at an altitude of 900 to 1,800 m make Val Martello to the highest cultivation area for tasty strawberries in Europe. Refined delicacies from our producers are available all year round...


The Grogg biathlon center in Val Martello, with its roller ski track and shooting range in summer and its snow-covered and groomed trails in winter, offers active biathlon and cross-country skiing...                                               


There is always something going on in the Val Martello during the year: from sport highlights like our biathlon races in the winter or culinary events like our strawberry festival to great activities like the guest biathlon as well as guided e-bike tours... Let us surprise you!


Experience pure nature while hiking and biking amidst a breath-taking mountain scenery


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