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The hotspot for biathlon & cross-country skiing in South Tyrol

The biathlon centre "Grogg" in the Val Martello, with its ski roller track and shooting range in the summer and its snowy and prepared cross-country skiing tracks in the winter, makes active biathlon and cross-country skiing possible. The sports facility itself has a relatively young history. Biathlon competitions were held in the Val Martello for the first time in 1992. Soon after, the biathlon section was founded within the amateur sports club Martello. The training offers were actively taken up by the children and young people, who also took part in local and national biathlon competitions, and smaller races at local level were now also regularly organised by ASC Martello.

Motivated by the success of their own young athletes and supported by the biathlon-enthusiastic population, the decision was made at the end of the 1990s to build a biathlon centre.

The centre was built at 1,700 m above sea level in the area of the Grogg Mountain Hut. In order to save as much space as possible, the 30 fully electronic shooting stands HoRa 2000 had to be relocated to the other side of the river. The shooting range and shooting ramp are thus separated by a stream - a circumstance that is probably unique both in the biathlon world and in the biathlon of South Tyrol. The centre also includes the service building and sufficient parking spaces near the stadium. In the course of 2006, all the work on the biathlon centre was finally completed.

The biathlon centre in the Val Martello has a lot to offer all year round. While in the summer there is training on the ski roller track and at the shooting range, in the winter national and international biathlon races such as the IBU Cup as well as cross-country skiing are programme. Near the biathlon centre, families can also have winter fun on the magic carpet. 

So there is always something going on in Grogg!


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