The Biathlon has a relatively recent history in Martell. In 1992 biathlon competition took place for the first time on the occasion of the Italian national youth winter games. Soon after that the section Biathlon within the Amateur Sport Association of Martell was founded and started to actively support youths in this sport. It showed that the townsfolk of Martell were impressed by this new choice of sport.

Year by year the number of children from Martell and the vicinity who profit from the training offers and take part in local and nationwide races was increasing. ASV Martell then regularly arranged also smaller races on a local basis, but the temporary shooting range soon turned out to be insufficient.

Motivated by the success from their own youth in this sport and with help of the population, who were enthusiastic about the biathlon, at the end of the 90s it was decided to build a biathlon centre at Martell in the western part of South Tyrol about 2,5 hours by car from the biathlon stronghold Antholz. Plans were made for the centre will be set up at about 1.700m in an Alpine area. To meet the requirements, the trail network that was already in existence, had to be integrated into the new trail.

To save as much space as possible the shooting range was build on the opposite site of a creek so that the shooting range and the shooting ramp are now separated by a creek, a special feature that is certainly unique in the world of biathlon. Also a service building as well as enough parking spaces next to the centre needed to be erected.

The work for the extension of the cross-country ski run began in 2000, followed by the starting goal area and the shooting range, which were equipped with 30 all electronic shooting ranges of the model HoRa 2000 and the works were completed in 2002. In 2005 the construction of the service building and the parking lots began. All the works will be completed within the year 2006.

Then the new biathlon centre of Martell has all necessary prerequisites so that the coming events like European cup and youth/junior WCH will be a big success.